My “Why” — Solving the Problem of Aging

Movies that we love and remember are defined by characters we can relate to, and stories that inspire us and emotionally engage us.

A series of movies that I have completely enjoyed is from Marvel and it is known as the Infinity Saga. As with many movies there are heroes and villains, however what makes the Marvel movies stand apart from others is the complexity in which the stories are told. In fact, it was not until the sixth move that the main villain was shown. In total, twenty-four movies spanning more than 10 years tell the story of a group of heroes trying to protect the world from danger, and the villains they encounter along the way that have other plans.

The primary villain is called Thanos, and his goal is nothing short than destroying all life in the universe. I won’t spoil the story here, but the heroes must find a way to work together if they can hope to stop Thanos and his plan.

What makes these movies so interesting to me are the motivations that each character has, and how they resolve problems that they encounter along their path.

For example, let’s start with my favorite: Iron Man. Tony Stark is a genius billionaire inventor who is injured when a missile explodes and must create new technology just to save his life. He turns what is a life-threatening experience into an opportunity to see that his own life and actions have led to this, and that he must change the way he is doing things so he can truly protect those around him.

There is also Steve Rogers. Steve wants nothing more than to serve his country, but because of physical disabilities he is unable to do that the way he wishes to. In this super hero origin story he is given an experimental treatment that transforms him physically into Captain America, but instead of letting all his new powers consume him, he stays true to who he is and dedicates himself in service to others.

While these movies are entertaining, there are also some valuable lessons here that we can apply to our own lives, and I would like to explore that with you today.

Let’s start with the question of WHY.

Why have you chosen to take the path that you are on today? Are you happy with that path and where it may lead?

How has your path changed over the years? Do you find that you are on a course to fulfilling your dreams, or has circumstances in life caused you to change course and alter your goals?

I was born and raised in New Jersey and grew up as a Christian. You might say that the first superhero in my life was Jesus, and I found the stories of his healing the sick to be truly inspiring. It is one of the reasons why I wanted to dedicate my life to healing others.

As with many people I grew up with a large extended family, and we often spent time with my grandparents on both sides of the family. It seemed odd to me that people would have to change so drastically as they aged, and before I was ten the thought entered my mind that growing old was something that I did not want to become.

Then when I was 15 there was a moment that would change my life forever. I was sitting and watching the Merv Griffin show, and his guest was Dirk Pearson. Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw had written a book called “Life Extension”, and hearing about the research that was being done in the 1970’s to slow down and possibly reverse aging was incredible. I was completely hooked. I went out and bought a copy of this book and read it many times. Since this time I have never stopped in my quest to find solutions to aging and practical age reversal.

There are many, many good reasons as to why we should be seeking to solve the problem of aging.

First, aging is a disease; it is destructive process that leaves an individual more and more incapacitated both physically and mentally. Stopping aging would allow people to retain their physical and mental health throughout their life.

Second, aging reduces a person’s ultimate potential. Think of all of the information and experience you have acquired throughout your life. Imagine all you would be able to accomplish with this experience, and all of the good you could do if aging was not a limiting factor that would force you into retirement.

Third, aging changes a person’s mindset. When we are young most people have dreams they wish to achieve because they see a full, vibrant life ahead of them. But then as aging set’s in they see less of a life ahead of them, and less time to accomplish what they wanted to do, so they give up on their dreams. If aging was not a limiting factor, people would have more time to have the fulfillment of their dreams.

There is also the practical impact to consider which is namely, how would society change if people were not aging the way they do today? For one, healthcare costs and healthcare insurance would plummet because a young healthy body is more immune to sickness and disease. The health disorders we normally associate with aging would virtually disappear. With the advancement of stem cell science, all major diseases could become a thing of the past. So our healthcare system would change radically, and for the better.

There would also be an enormously beneficial outcome for business. Imagine working with an individual with more than 50 years or more of experience in their industry. This level of experience could not be easily replaced, and now people that would normally be in retirement are making contributions that would previously have not had been possible.

Stopping and reversing aging would also mean that we as a species would be forced to be more responsible when it concerns the health and well-being of this planet. If politicians knew they could live for several hundred years, perhaps the way they think about policies that affect the environment would change. We all want clean air, clean water, organic food and sustainability, and preservation of natural resources. If people knew they could live longer, then perhaps they would care more about the impact their lives are having on thee world around them.

So let’s agree that aging is a problem that needs to be solved. How do we go about doing this? After all, people have thought of and searched for “The Fountain of Youth” for thousands of years. Fortunately, God has provided a path for humans to achieve this because the answer is found in nature.

When we look to nature for solutions we find answers that are in harmony with the world around us. For example, lobsters have been found that are more than 130 years old, and these lobsters have never aged. In fact, they get stronger as they age. All without any type of drug or intervention. What is one of the lobster’s secrets? Lobster’s produce an infinite amount of the enzyme telomerase, so their cells can divide virtually an infinite number of times, and they never age during this process. We will come back to this subject in a few minutes.

Then there are mollusks that live to be over 500 years old, never aging over this incredibly long period of time. How does these mollusk do it? They have perfect control over oxidative stress and inflammatory stress among other things, so their cells never experience any type of damage that cannot be repaired.

Trees live for thousands of years, the glass sea sponge is estimated to have a lifespan of more than 11,000 years, and life forms such as planaria, the immortal jellyfish and tardigrades do not appear to have any limit to their lifespan at all, effectively being immortal.

Think about this just for a moment. For millennia human beings have dreamt of immortality, with most people being skeptical that this could ever be achieved. Yet, unknown for most of humanity’s existence, there already were life forms on this planet that are immortal. How would people’s belief system had changed centuries ago if they knew that life on this planet had achieved the seemingly impossible, namely, never aging.

How would your mindset change if you knew that stopping and reversing aging was achievable?

Let’s use the example of the 4 minute mile.

As the story goes, experts had stated that the human body was not capable of running a 4-minute mile. It simply was not possible according to athletes and scientists.

In the 1940’s, the mile record was held at 4:01, where it stood for nine years, as runners struggled with the idea that maybe the experts had it right. Perhaps the human body had reached its limit.

Then, on May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, running the distance in 3:59. How was Roger Bannister able to achieve this? It is said that as part of his training he visualized the achievement in order to create a sense of reality in his mind and body.

Barely a year after Bannister’s accomplishment, someone else ran a mile in under 4 minutes. Then some more runners did. Now, it’s almost routine. Even strong high-schoolers today run 4-minute miles.

The moral to this story is clear; once people’s belief systems changed, breaking the seemingly impossible 4-minute mile became commonplace. Will this happen with age reversal? Once the first human achieves age reversal will more people take notice and follow? What if age reversal in humans already existed?

So the question now becomes, can we discover and understand how species on our planet cheat aging. Can we learn their secret and adapt this secret to human beings?

The exciting answer to this is yes, and it is happening today.

At LifeWave we investigate multiple paths to practical age reversal, and we have in fact been successful at partial reversal of the aging process in humans as measured in blood testing. How can we measure this analytically? There are many ways of doing this.

As we age the number of times a cell can divide is decreased; eventually human cells lose the ability to divide; this is called the Hayflick limit. The Hayflick limit is associated with the length of the telomeres, small rods on the ends of our chromosomes. As the cells divide the telomeres are shortened. Once we run out of telomeres and our cells can no longer divide, we are on a quick path to death. Incredibly, cancer cells are virtually immortal because their telomeres never shorten. So if humans gain the ability to prevent or reverse telomere shortening we will be on the way to practical age reversal and life extension. As we discussed earlier, Lobsters have the amazing ability to stay young throughout their lifetime, and it is at least partially because their telomeres never shorten. So in fact we are not looking to make an entirely new discovery — which would be extremely difficult — but we are instead looking to adopt what the Lobster is doing by applying this to humans.

There is more to reversing aging than just the telomeres though. In order to achieve age reversal we must manage inflammation and oxidative stress, protect gene expression, keep the cells hydrated, and maintain energy production in the cellular machinery we call the mitochondria. If we do these things we can protect the integrity and structure of the cell, and dramatically inhibit aging.

Fortunately, equipment and tests exist that allow us to monitor all of these parameters. Blood and urine testing helps to keep track of changes in inflammation and oxidative stress. Equipment such as RJL, GDV, Biopulsars and Galvanic skin response among others allow us to monitor the mitochondrial health and bioelectrical activity of the cell and how it might improve over time. And even biophoton analysis allows us to determine the status of cell coherence, which is ultimately associated with a persons age.

It should be noted that while research into new LifeWave patches for age reversal is always ongoing, there are other technologies we develop for achievement of this goal. This technology is biomimetic in nature, meaning, I look to copy a natural process and apply it to human beings in the hope that this will result in a new technology and product capable of improving the quality of human life. I always start the process with prayer, as I seek to understand God’s creation. Thru prayer we can be given information we would not normally have access to, and help ourselves and others in the process.

Let’ look at one example in nature, and how research into this phenomena is paving a way towards creating a biomimetic technology that will allow us to achieve dramatic life extension in humans.

A story came out this past year about the Temnothorax Ant. Apparently, this species of ant can be infected with a parasitic tapeworm that resides in the ants gut. But what makes this interesting to us is that the relationship between the ant and tapeworm is symbiotic, meaning the two species are helping one another. The tapeworm benefits from the relationship because the ant provides the tapeworm with food and shelter. The Ant on the other hand is given the incredible gift of youth and life extension. The Ant never ages, and it’s lifespan increases by 5 to 6 times above normal. How would you like to live to be over 500 years old and never age?

Upon investigation it was discovered that the tapeworms are causing specific genes in the ants to express, and this causes the ants to produce more energy than they would normally. This discovery is completely consistent with the concepts we and others have been researching; namely, elevate energy production in the cell, and the genes will flip back to a youthful state, reversing the aging process.

So in other words, knowing that a process exists in nature which allows ants to never age and live 6-times longer than normal, we then seek to create technology that can mimic this process in a healthy way, test the process in our labs for safety and efficacy, and then eventually proceed to human testing. Our development of technology to achieve this is farther along than most people would think, and the future has never been more exciting.

We are on the path to achieving practical age reversal in humans, and we look forward to releasing new products in the coming years to help set you on this path as well.

Many times when we are faced with a problem in our lives, the problem can feel enormous and impossible to overcome, like the problem of age reversal. We can face daily challenges, or some big overarching challenge. As difficult as these situations may be there are always solutions. If we turn to God and nature, allow ourselves to be silent and open to receiving answers, those answers will be given to us and be added to us as a blessing so we can be of better service to humanity.

And with this new, longer and healthy life in front of you, imagine the dreams you have had that you can now fulfill, so you can live your why. We all have a contribution to make in life so that we can make this planet a better place to live. We look forward to providing you with the tools you need so you can fulfill your own dreams, have the time you need to do that, and create your own success story.

David Schmidt is the CEO of LifeWave, a leading health and wellness company he founded in 2002. More about David Schmidt at