LifeWave Offers Needed Relief to Victims of 100-Year German Floods

Some 228 people died in what German Chancellor Angela Merkel described in a report as “terrifying,” adding that, “the German language can barely describe the devastation that has taken place.” This prompted , a San Diego-based health technology company, to provide product care packages to support the mind and body health of those impacted by the destruction.

LifeWave manufactures wafer-thin, non-transdermal patches that harness frequencies of light to stimulate points on the skin to support energy, sleep, relaxation, and minor pain relief. The patches are portable, painless, effective, and easy-to-use — particularly in disaster scenarios like this.

“When we got the call, we did not hesitate to lend a hand to help those battling the unprecedented flooding and fallout,” said Jim Caldwell, LifeWave’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our LifeWave team showed solidarity and support for our German friends, their families, and first responders with shipments of LifeWave products to help them combat stress, sleeplessness and overall discomfort.”

LifeWave prepared packages for their global family and also reached out to the Red Cross and the European Union with additional offers of assistance. Through local distributors in the United States and on the ground in Germany, the company air freighted some dozen shipments of Y-Age Aeon (to reduce stress and promote relaxation), Silent Nights (to enhance sleep quality), and Ice Wave (to support relief from minor aches and pains).

Germany’s 100-year floods damaged neighborhoods, buildings, and railways. It resulted in untold property damage and even threatened priceless museum archives. Many German citizens are still without gas or electricity particularly in the hard-hit North Rhine-Westphalia region. LifeWave continues to offer assistance in the form of health and wellness products, particularly for stress and sleep solutions.

To provide assistance or relief to affected Germans during this challenging time, please visit Germany’s Relief Coalition at:

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