How to Attract Attention to a New Business Endeavor

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More than 15 years into our existence, LifeWave has grown into a worldwide leader in the health and wellness field. Because of that fact, it can seem to some that our success was always guaranteed but, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. While I always believed in our products and technologies, as Founder and CEO, it also fell to me to draw public attention to what we were doing. Below, I’ve consolidated some of what I consider to be our most impactful efforts in this regard. Hopefully, they can be of use to others trying to find their way in the business world.

Have a strong product

This should go without saying but since I believe this was such a key element of our success I’ll talk a bit on this first and foremost. You can have the most detailed business plan in the world but without solid product, it probably won’t amount to anything. If you’re not addressing a pressing need for a customer or helping them solve a difficult problem, they’ll likely take their business elsewhere. And with good reason. Our time is precious and few of us have the capacity to focus our attention on things that don’t provide us value.

Though I’m biased, I believe this was the solid foundation that helped LifeWave succeed out of the gate. Our phototherapy patches offer our customers a truly innovative way to improve their health and performance without the use of drugs. By utilizing phototherapy to stimulate cellular activity, we’ve been able to tap into a health and wellness paradigm that has been underutilized for far too long. Our many clinical studies and many repeat customers help speak to the quality of the product and the manner in which its technologies have helped change the field of health and wellness.

Highlight it publicly

As I noted above, we’ve all got a limited amount of time with which to pay attention to the world around us. If a company doesn’t make it easy for a potential customer to spot a new offering, they more than likely won’t use their precious time to seek it out. That’s why it’s important to attain a high degree of visibility whenever possible. This can come from advertising, of course, but it can also be effective to get your product into the hands of influencers. If they’re impressed with your product, they’ll naturally draw eyeballs to what you’re putting out into the world.

One of the biggest early moments for LifeWave in this regard came from the work we did with Stanford University’s women’s swim team. We provided the team with some of our energy enhancer patches to show them how it could positively influence their athletic performance. The results were striking — 3/4 of the team set personal bests while wearing our patches. When the team brought our products to their Olympic tryouts, the patches gained a national platform. While this was just one instance that helped contribute to our early visibility, it goes to show how powerful such a spotlight can be.

Experiment with sales

Every product is unique and requires a unique approach towards getting it out into the world. A willingness to work with the uniqueness of what you are selling can go a long way towards helping you find success. If you embrace this mindset, you can create a sales strategy that leans into your strengths.

In my work, an example of this comes from my company’s early decision to go with a direct sales model. One of the reasons we did this was that we were concerned that customers wouldn’t recognize the potential of our products if they were merely sitting on the shelf in a traditional retail environment. Instead, we wanted a qualified partner to be able to explain how the patches work in a clear and concise fashion. This decision has proven to be a good one as it’s not only helped our company grow expansively over the years, it’s also created a community of sellers that I’m proud to work with on a daily basis.

It’s hard to find success with a new business, in fact, most don’t. However, there’s plenty you can do to give yourself the best chance at beating the odds and bringing your product to market. The above information is pulled from my own experience in building LifeWave over the years and a long career in business before that. I hope it helps you find success in your own endeavors, whatever they may be.

David Schmidt is the CEO of LifeWave, a leading health and wellness company he founded in 2002. More about David Schmidt at

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